Brian Chu


Hello,everyone.I'm very glad to introduce myself here.I come from Shanghai,one of the most beautiful cities in in the world.I'm 16 years old now,study in Shangde International School.There're only 3 people in my family,dad,mom and I.We live happliy together.I'm honoured to have a chance to tell you something about me.

When I was in my childhood,I had a good dream.I want to be a successful man. I must have great achievement to the society.I keep studying hard,and doing well in all subjects.I have made goog mark.I'm not satisfied with myself,I should go further.My hobby is playing basketball.I often play with classmates after class.Sports make me stronger.One year later,I'll go to America to finish my high school.America is a developed country,it has lots of top universities.Its advanced educational system attracts me a lot

I want to enter University of California at Los Angeles,one of the top universities in the world.After I graduate from university.I hope I will start a famous company that sells advanced thchnology.Chinese will be helped by this,everyone will afford to buy a phone.It's my pleasure to introduce myself to you.Thank you!

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