Brian Crawford

Greater Chicago area

Hello. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Brian Crawford . I am a 26 year old aspiring entrepreneur with an insatiable lust for music , art, and the entertainment industry as a whole. From the steady manifestation of that creative desire sprung my dire need to weave myself into the fabric of this industry . This eventually culminated in my decision to pursue a bachelors degree in music production at Full Sail University

My skill set encompasses a wide range of technical abilities which include the following.

Operating several DAWs (Pro Tools, and Logic primarily with fundamental knowledge of many others.).

Recording, Mixing, and Arranging music for established artist, as well as other interactive media.

Songwriting for a variety of genres.

And composing scores for live performance, film, and other media formats. .

This site was designed with the intent for it to serve as a professional focal point where the many aspects of both my academic and independent endeavors might coincide. May it serve as valid reference to what I have, and can achieve when given the right opportunity.

  • Education
    • BA in Music Production from Full Sail Universtiy