Grand Bahama Industrial Services Ltd. is a full service, Environmental and Heavy Industrial Construction Company. We take your project from design to completion in accordance with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)requirement for Quality Standards,Environmental Standards, and Occupational Health and Safety Standard.
With Grand Bahama Industrial Services Ltd. you get the convenience of having all project details managed by one team of experts whose record for Safety, Quality and Workmanship will speak for it self.

We are certified, insured and licensed by the Grand Bahama Port Authority. Our Services Include the following but are not limited to:

Tank Planning, Cleaning, Inspection & Safety
Industrial Demolition NFPA 472 Biological Nuclear and Chemical
Building Demolition
General Industrial Cleaning, e.g Oil/ Fuel Spills
Welding MIG, TIG, MMA, Flux Cure, Under-Water
Industrial Maintenance
Ultra High Pressure Sand/Water Blasting - 90k psi
Safety & Fire Watch
Tools & Heavy Equipment Operations & Rental
Commercial Janitorial Cleaning
Industrial Tank Fabrication, Erection and Repairs
Project Management.

Grand Bahama Industrial Services Ltd. balances your needs with the Grand Bahama Port Authority and the Government of the Bahamas regulations to ensure that all procedures be in accordance with the Grand Bahama Building Code, Freeport Environmental Bye-Laws, The Grand Bahama Port Authority General Guidelines for Demolition/ Dismantling Projects, Tank Cleaning/ Building Projects. The Statue Laws of the Bahamas, Environmental Health Services Act Chapter 232, 29 CFR 1910 United States Occupational Safety Health Act General Industry Regulations and the Bahamas Building Code, Section 2902, and any and all applicable laws and regulations. We help you chart a course consistent with all existing regulations while keeping you abreast of pending changes and newly emerging concepts in Environmental and

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