Brian Gilman

When looking for a superb, professional sales individual capable of taking any company to the next level, Brian Gilman is a name that must stand out. This name is associated with success as Brian has proven himself throughout his entire career.

His professional past is something to be admired, and after going over just a few of his credentials, it is possible to see how he can lead a large, thriving company towards greener pastures. Of course, before one can truly understand his success, his professional career must be looked at, along every stop of the way, to see how he built upon early success to become the individual he is today.

Although Brian Gilman's career started earlier while he was younger, his professional sales career did not begin until 1997, where he worked for Yellow Book USA. His job titled shows "District Sales Manager." It is at this position where he began to shape his future success and learn many of the very skills he uses today. These skills come in handy when it comes to working with the larger sales companies and clients, as he used his stint here, from 1997 to 2000, to hone his craft.

In 2001, he started for the Washington Post, one of the most prestigious news paper companies in the entire world. Here, where he worked until 2009, he took over as manager for several major accounts and controlled 60 million dollars in advertising revenue during this time, from bands including Nordstrom, Ethan Allen and the Home Depot. This is where Brian Gilman first experienced interaction with the larger clients and he built his reputation for working with these higher-end clients.

In 2010, Brian joined up with Vocus, Inc as the Director of Sales. From the day he took over his job, he has grown the company into a major player, as he now represents 36 different representatives and over 5,600 different accounts. When he first started, Vocus has a total of 383 accounts. It is this substantial growth that has truly proven Brian as a professional success.

Of course, Gilman's career is not over here, as he is still climbing in the ranks and proving himself an essential player in the world of sales. So no matter the challenge or the company, Brian is able to take charge and lead the company to the next level, one that may have never been imagined.