Brian Howard

Licensed Alcohol, Drug, & Mental Health Counselor and Therapist in Edmond, Oklahoma

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My name is Brian Howard. I am a Licensed Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health Counselor with experience with all types of substance abuse. My experience is rooted in personal experience, as I am in recovery myself, Master's level education, and clinical experience helping hundreds of addicts and alcoholics. I believe addicts of all kinds can live a life in recovery, full of happiness, peace, and contentment. A few years ago I started dreaming of a treatment program that would be able to treat people that are not able to stop life to go to inpatient treatment. OneLife Treatment is a program that focuses on 6 primary areas of life and encourages clients to re-engage in these areas. This is done through individual sessions, group education "give-and-take" sessions, and use of the OneLife mobile app to engage multiple times each day. I feel blessed to get to work with people that can change their lives by living intentionally. Addiction can be confusing and frustrating. The solution doesn't have to be.