Brian Joyce

Orlando Florida

Brian Joyce

Orlando Florida

What in the world was I thinking. I started out just being a quiet shy kind of guy and bamm, it just starting hitting me, that star quality.

Age 11- I was starring in the lead as the little English boy in a school play and sang the lead for the show, cracking voice and all

Age 16- I was shipped off to riding school in California to learn the tools of the trade to be a jockey

Age 18- Riding racehorses for a living at Northern tracks

Age 26- Started working in NYC at NBC as a page, passing jokes with David Letterman in the elevator ( and may have passed my husband in the streets for all I know)

Age 29-Started to work at Sevey's Florist during Christmas time and never looked back for over the flower table

Age 31- Moved to Florida ( for what I was not sure but found out later on)

Age 36- Went to the 1996 Olympics to work on flowers for the Equestrian Events

Age 42- Started OVO with my current business partner and soon to be partner in life

Age 45-Started Flourish Floral Productions with my partner and wow how that decision made all the difference and got married

Age 50 till now-nothing but flourishing for us. 8 time winner of ISES WOW Awards, Winner of ISES Esprit Awards, Name Trendsetter of the Year (2012) and there is more to come
What was I thinking! There were much bigger plans out there for me

  • Work
    • Flourish Floral Productions- Creative Director
  • Education
    • Floral Design School NJ