Brian Keelan

Bright's Grove, Ontario

Brian Keelan is theQuitSmokingGuy. He smoked over 350,000 cigarettes and spent over $100,000 to purchase them during a 40 year addiction to nicotine. During that time he failed to quit over 70 times before finally succeeding at eliminating his addiction to nicotine forever.

To date he has not smoked over 110,000 cigarettes, not spent over $47,000 after-tax dollars on cigarettes and is well aware that he probably would not be alive today had he not done so.

His book, How To Quit Smoking and Save Your Life will show you how to get yourself ready to succeed at quitting smoking forever. It is available on Kindle, iTunes, Smashwords and in print from Amazon.

  • Work
    • Writer
  • Education
    • University of Western Ontario - B.A.