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Central Massachusetts

Dear Reader,
I am a New England author living in central Massachusetts with my eight children who are now young adults and have lives of their own. I have one son who has special needs (Down's syndrome), and I have chosen to leave my career in the computer industry to take care of him at home full-time. I am a widower, having lost my wife to cancer back in 1997. My wife, Elsie, was a proofreader with a large publishing firm, and I could sure use her skills these days! But I do the best I can. I have a background in many areas. I've been a very successful real-estate entrepreneur, a teacher, a soldier, a high-level computer systems engineer (MCSE), and most importantly, a dad. My life has afforded me the opportunities to pursue virtually all of my interests, so I have now decided that it seemed appropriate to share some of those experiences with you, my readers.

In the very early 1990s, I experienced a serious problem with weight control. I was always heavily into regular exercise, but it wasn't preventing the sudden gain. My weight had increased to almost 100 pounds above my ideal level and was climbing rapidly. It was at this point that I tried and failed using virtually every diet plan that seemed reasonable. This was when I chose to begin my own research, as any engineer would, and discovered the plan which I shared in my book: Learning How To Eat (Again). As a result of this new plan, I lost over 85 pounds in well under a year, and I have had no problem maintaining my weight ever since.

My second book, The Test Slayer's Handbook, was written by popular demand. Many of my friends and business associates wanted me to share my secrets to passing so many high-level certifications so easily. This book was so much fun, it practically wrote itself. I hope you enjoy it. So thank you for taking the time to check out my page, I hope you enjoy my books!

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