Brian Richmond

Volunteer and Small Business Owner in Cleveland, Ohio

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Currently working in the U.S steel industry as an operating technician, Brian has maintained a loyal & dependable working ethic in one of the world’s most dangerous fields, steel manufacturing from raw materials. Brian is also a certified locomotive engineer, citizen journalist, Vlogger, novice web designer, Podcast host & entrepreneur.

Brian Richmond is the co-founder of Independent Citizen News LLC, a media platform aimed at breaking mainstream manipulation and introducing partisan free, fact based news via social media.

Brian Joined with his wife Valine and founded Citizen Action Network for disaster relief. Together they have organised the collection of nearly $25,000 in cash and supplies to date exclusively for disaster victims in the U.S.

As a volunteer Brian Richmond is a youth soccer coach for teenaged and pre-teen boys and girls and also spent time with Ohio reads, a program aimed to teach urban children the basics of reading, ( example: Sight, Red words)

Brian has been trained on the National Incident Management System (NIMS), certified in CPR & first aid; and is a member of Ohioans for Educational Freedom and Badass Parents Association, both are grassroots conservative activist groups.