Brian Stewart

Ithaca, NY

You have found a Labor Relations and Internet enthusiast. I am a student at Cornell University working to earn my Master of Industrial & Labor Relations degree. I most recently worked for New York State Department of Labor helping those on unemployment insurance achieve gainful employment! In addition to my various contract and part-time jobs and education aspirations, I dabble in web programming and am learn to code my own applications.

I love people, technology, learning, good food and drink, and my Jack Russell/Pug named Gerry! Excitable and inquisitive by nature, I tend to spend my spare time traveling, meeting with new and old friends, and indulging my inner nerd. I am a blogger who comments on topics surrounding job seekers, labor market information, and job seeking in the 21st century. I have been creating worlds and telling stories with others since I received my first Lego set when I was six. I am a self-taught web programmer who is continuing to expand my knowledge. You will find my views strong, yet moderate and my determination to succeed unmatched. I am blunt, funny, and kind.

Feel free to contact me here, there, or anywhere (except Facebook). I'm excited to start a conversation with you and see where it leads!

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