Brian T. Scott

Doctor in Kabul, Afghanistan

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Dr Brian T. Scott, Is from San Antonio Texas USA, And raise in Quincy, He was born in December 19 1959. He is a Medical Doctor, Surgeon Currently based and assigned in Kabul Afghanistan with His Medical Cops Team, They are In charge of the Head Department taking care of wounded/ Injured, Military men that are there for peace keeping mission. He is Basically with His team there to ensure their safety. This Medical Doctor has been in the service for 29years now, He is a very hard working man and he has afflict Goodwill in changing of Human life. He is a wealthy Man Worth over Millions Of Dollars. He is very Kind, Caring, understanding, And Generous to people Around him.

He has over 30 Valued Asset of Investment in the United State.He have served and work in a lot of countries. His last mission was in Iraq in the Summer 2013. Due to the Racial war and settlement, Now he is based with his Colleagues in Kabul Afghanistan taking care of the military men that are there for peace keeping mission against the Muslim and the Taliban that are causing the bomb blast over the continent. He is a great and Honorable man and God will always bless and protect him for his Goodwill.