Brian Wilkins

I've worked in the SEO industry as a Content Strategist and Writer since 2011. Worked in radio broadcasting for several years and also the mortgage banking industry. You won't find a better, more comprehensive, thorough writer/journalist out there. I'm the consummate researcher and can write about difficult subjects like economics, Bitcoin, and fractional reserve banking. As a freelancer I've written hundreds of SEO and newspaper articles, along with graduate and undergraduate papers for college students. I also write legal documents for divorce, child support, alimony, habeas corpus, and pro-se criminal defense cases.

I've lived off-grid in my conversion van for months at a time, living only off the fish I caught and rabbits I hunted. I haven't owned a TV since 2008, love 80s music and movies, and am a fitness enthusiast. Launched my first webite in 1999 and have built over 20 more since.