Brian Back

Edina, Mn

Partner, Professional Search Services

Bios often tell us what someone has done - not how or why they do it. That said, I understand what I have done may be important but I desire to tell you 'the rest of the story' - sharing with you why I have chosen to do executive search for so long and how I view it.

For starters, I thoroughly enjoy exploring and learning about the gifts of individual people. Because of the uniqueness of every individual - yes, I believe everyone is uniquely gifted - this process of exploration truly provides unmatched variety in my job. That variety keeps me inspired every day.

What may seem a paradox to my last comment is really the crux of why I love my work; the paradox being that I also see the interconnectedness of all people. Although we are all unique individuals, we all need each other. We need great people around us to make us great. No one is great on their own - NO one.

The ability to learn about and align a uniquely gifted individual into a team on interconnected relationships, which all are striving toward the same ideal, is very gratifying work for me. Helping organizations and individuals navigate these 'choppy' waters is definitely more art than science.

  • Work
    • Entero Search
  • Education
    • BS, Accounting - University of WI, LaCrosse