Brian Gannon

Costa Mesa, CA

I am the Sr. Partner at K. A. Williams & Associates, a comprehensive claims and care management consultancy. Led by Kerwin Williams, the firm provides product development, workflow enhancement and data analytics services for insurance, claims management, care management and other U.S. firms in closely related fields.

We are a sales-driven consultancy, representing service providers of various Ancillary services:

Lien Defense

Complex Bill Review

Utilization Review (UR)

Medical Bill Review (MBR)

Return to Work (RTW)

Diagnostic Imaging (MRI, CT, EMG, etc.)

Injury Assessment tools


SIU & Investigations

Language & Transportation

Union Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services

Defense Base Act (DBA) assistance

Many of these companies are MBE's, VBE's, WBE's, and others that are smaller and more nimble. They are all excellent companies, with state-of-the-art technology to improve the lives of their users (adjusters, nurses, etc.).

  • Work
    • K. A. WIlliams & Associates
  • Education
    • University of Southern California, MBA
    • California State University, Northridge, BS, Finance