Brian Spear

St. louis, Missouri

Brian Spear – Charitable Contributions
As the President of Spear Construction, Brian Spear is known as one of most reputablegeneral contractors in the St. Louis area. Structures built by him and his team adornthe city's blocks, and have gone a long way towards establishing it as one of the mostprestigious cities in the United States. But what few people know is that Brian Spear has made other significant contributions to his community, namely in the way of charitablecontributions.
For many years, Brian has sponsored several local baseball teams. Helping them purchasethe equipment and uniforms they so desperately need to succeed, Brian's contributionshave encouraged many of the city's children to participate in our national pastime.
Brian is also an active donator to Angel Arms. An organization that houses and care forfoster children, Angel Arms provides children with more than a roof over their heads; itoffers often lost children hope, and a reason to keep fighting.
Spear has also donated part of his crew to help renovate and rebuild many of the localschools in the area. By doing so, children enjoy more modern facilities and a betterenvironment in which to learn. It is a proven fact that children who attend state of theart school perform better in their studies. Thus, in a sense, Brian Spear is responsible forpromoting education in the area.
And the list goes on and on. Spear has donated to several food drops, and is notorious forproviding gifts for children around the holiday. All told, Brian's contributions have gonea long way towards improving the daily life of the average St. Louis citizen.
The primary reason why Brian is able to give to these charities is the success of SpearConstruction. Year after year, the company's profit margin exceeds all expectations,leaving the company with a surplus. Instead of merely pocketing the money, Brian seesmore value in giving back to the community that enabled him to become prosperous inthe first place.

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