Brian J. Stone

Carbondale, IL

I live in Carbondale, Illinois with my wife where I teach English at John A Logan College. I have taught college composition in Southern Illinois for 6 years while working on completion of doctoral studies in Rhetoric and Composition. I love teaching at the community college level and I plan to continue to do so for years to come.

Professionally, I am interested in all aspects of teaching writing. I have taught basic writing, freshman writing, analytic writing, along with technical writing at either a large state university or a community college. I am also interested in digital medias and the use of technology in the classroom. Finally, I have experience in writing program administration. I have served as the Assistant Director of the Writing Center at Southern Illinois University where I have also served as Assistant to the Director of Writing Studies. I am interested in all aspects of writing studies from teaching composition to designing and implementing curriculum.

Academically, my interests lie in Irish literature. Specifically, my dissertation research has looked at rhetoric and poetics in early medieval Ireland. I am fascinated with the origins of writing instruction and technology in monastic communities at this time and the way this technology was used in the composition of Irish myths. This practice marks the bridge between the pre-literate tribal Irish social structure and one in which power lay in the hands of the literate. Moreover, these early medieval scholarly communities reveal the transition from the educational practices of the late Roman Empire to those of the medieval period. Interestingly, while Ireland was an active center of learning, the rest of Barbarian Europe was immersed in the "Dark Ages."

When I'm not busy with academics, I spend time with my wife and dogs, walking, hiking, camping, or just relaxing. I love the outdoors and spend a good deal of time hunting and fishing, as well as backpacking. I also play guitar and mandolin and while I like many different kinds of music, I play mostly blue grass and folk.

  • Work
    • Term Faculty John A Logan College
  • Education
    • Master of the Arts, English Literature
    • Ph.D. English Rhetoric and Composition