Brian Wardwell

Fargo, North Dakota, United States

I'm entering my final two semesters in the Web Development AAS program at Minnesota State Community and Technical College. I hope to continue my education at either a four year university or two year school (if the latter, while gaining experience in my field). I enjoy visual aspect, UX Design and programming equally but seem to feel drawn towards inventing websites that help causes and have a positive effect on humanity. Then there is always the day job as well of course.

Technical reading on my spare time:
*"Algorithms Unlocked" (Thomas H. Corman)
*"Everything to do with PHP and MySQL" (Virkram Vaswani)
*"New Programmer's Survival Manual" (Joshua D. Carter)
*"A Project Guid to UX Design" (Russ Unger/Carolyn Chandler)
*"Wordpress: Visual Quickstart Guide (3rd Edition) (Matt Beck) ... learning.

Fictional Authors that top my list:
Ray Bradbury
Stepehen King
Chuck Palahniuk
Jim Carroll
Henry Rollins
Anne Rice
...looking for more to hook me and never let me go

Official Course Titles (to date):
-Foundations of Web Development
-Adobe Photoshop CS6
-General Psychology
-College Writing I
-Adobe Flash CS6
-CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
-Hands On Programming (using Lego NXT Robotics as exercise demonstrations)
-Adobe Dreamweaver CS6
-Introduction to Programming and Scripting (Python Programming Language)
-Introductory Algebra
-Interface Design (focused on User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design)
Upcoming starting August 2014 (Fall Semester)
-Web Applications I (client-side programming including JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, more)
-Web Projects I (facilitating a team and project management)
-Electronic Comment (focuses on technological aspects as well as business, marketing and ethics)
-Interpersonal Communications

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