Brian Workman

I was really tired of moving from job to job in fields that I was never so keen about. That's when I decided, I need a career! So I enrolled in college to gain the skill set necessary to obtain a career in the ever growing web design industry. Currently, I'm enrolled as a student and plan to graduate this spring with a Degree in Computer Science/Web Design. I'm hoping that potential clients will value my rigorous work ethic and flexibility that produces stunning results that your customers will love.

Some people like to express their individuality a little too much and prefer to work alone, while others benefit from being able to bounce ideas off their coworkers. I see the benefits of both situations and I'm able to easily adapt to either situation in order to provide quality work and support a professional work environment. Part of the reason that I am able to remain as motivated about my work as I do is because I love to see my work being used by others. I take great pride in delivering a quality product in a timely manner that can be of some benefit to you, the client.

Now looking for work or an employer to make my day!