Briana Iturrino

I'm just a small girl trying to make it in a great big world. I haven't decided what I want to be when I grow up, so I'm attacking all of my interests at once. I'm going to school for Computer Science and training to be a bus driver while trying to educate myself as much as possible. I'm a parrothead, an Xbox RPG gamer, a writer and a dreamer. My vices are the internet and caffeine of any kind. And kittens.

Little by little, life is teaching me to appreciate small pleasures and cast off trivial nonsense. I've learned to never be afraid to sing my heart out, no matter who's listening. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude and love myself and those around me. I look forward to my future now that I've learned from my past, so I'll continue to live in the present and appreciate what I have.