Briana Lovett

I am passionate about people. I long to serve them, listen to them, provide resources for them to empower themselves, create a healthy and sustainable environment for them to live in, put a microphone in front of them so their voices are heard, comfort them, and be whatever else they need.

While I believe in social justice for all, there are some particular people groups that I am passionate about serving.

I have so much respect for undocumented immigrants, who have often given everything to protect their families and themselves. I long to help them live fulfilling, dignified lives in this country which often does not respect or care for them, and at times treats them as sub-human.

I am also passionate about mentoring youth, specifically teens who come from dysfunctional families and communities. I believe in encouraging, empowering, and bringing out the potential of teens in such a way that they feel they have a purpose, a hope, and a future. I want them to reach a place where they allow themselves to love others and receive love themselves.

Ultimately, I care about every person that I meet, and every person I will never meet. I live in pursuit of a peaceful world where everyone has the chance to live abundant and joyful lives, and I am excited to be a small piece in the puzzle of reconciliation in the world.

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