Briana DeLeon

Cheery classrooms, eager children, and the sound of homework papers crunching together in a pile--every element about school excites me. As a young girl, I always had a desire to teach my little brothers and sister anything and everything. Having them play “school” with me is a vivid childhood memory of mine, one that confirms to me that teaching is something I truly desire to do. Of course, the satisfaction of being a life long, positive influence in the life of a student brings a type of intrinsic reward. However, I’ve always believed in working tenaciously at revealing a child’s true academic potential. I highly value education, so I expect that my students only receive the best quality education and attention, coming from a teacher that is passionate about delivering those aspects. How I hope to make my classroom unique and special for my students is not only by creating an encouraging and warm environment, but also by providing equal and thorough attention to every one of my kids. I hope to accommodate to all their academic needs, according to their individual learning styles and backgrounds. My genuine desire to help children grow not only academically, but as an individual with goals and dreams is what keeps me motivated in trying to be the absolute best teacher I can be. I have always been involved in writing--whether it be for a school club newspaper, or just for my own personal leisure. I hope to bring my love and talent for writing into my classroom, to encourage and inspire my students to write. Not just for academic purposes, but also for their own enjoyment! Being that certain teacher that my students can remember a few years down the road and say, “I remember Miss DeLeon, she was my favorite teacher,” is a dream of mine. A dream that I must work hard at, but is nevertheless attainable.