Briana Metzger

Indianapolis, Indiana

Herron School of Art + Design student in my third year, hoping to start freelance work and/or design internship.

I have a passion for creating something innovative. I truly appreciate the freedom I have to express what I feel. If only there was enough time in a day for me to constantly create.

I feel I have an amazing work ethic. I contemplate deeply about what the best solution is in a certain situation, not trying to go with the first idea that pops up, but further developing function and great form to the idea.

I wish to be a creative director in my future in the design industry, where I work with clients that need assistance in putting their best foot forward. Specifically, I desire to help non profit organizations dedicated to serving their communities. In increasing their awareness campaigns and personifying what they stand for, I feel I could also make a difference in my community.

I have interests in web design, type design, and in general digital arts. My first love was manipulating images in photoshop, yet with my education at IUPUI I am now exposed to other digital platforms that I could reach people. I can now construct clean web design through Bootstrap frameworks. Also, type has been a hobby of mine, I am always intrigued at how type can portray other meanings other than what it literally says, but what it visually expresses.

  • Work
    • Macy's
  • Education
    • Arsenal Technical High School
    • Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)