Brian Abercrombie

Teacher, Consultant, and Designer in League City, Texas

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I am a veteran secondary Spanish teacher with 20 years of experience at both the junior high and high school levels. During the course of my teaching career I have always used technology as a means of increasing student engagement as well as pushing the boundaries of the classroom experience. Interactive technology has afforded my students to experience Spanish as a real world opportunity and not just a worksheet within four walls. It has also allowed for classroom differentiation in ways that would have been difficult or impossible otherwise.

In 2015, I received my Master’s Degree in Educational Technology Leadership, with a 4.0 average from Lamar University. I am certified by Microsoft as an Innovative Educator Trainer and as a Google Educator Level 2 currently working towards being a Google Certified Trainer. I have presented on the district level over Digital Interactive Notebooks, OneNote Class Notebooks, Google Classroom, Go Formative, Augmented/Mixed/Virtual reality for the Classroom, Kami and DocHub for Paperless Classroom, Blackboard, and Pushing Past Classroom Walls. I have also provided bi-monthly tech instruction videos for the benefit of my campus teachers.

Currently I am working using Unity 3d gaming technology to produce a virtual world learning environment to be used by the LOTE department of my current school district but will be adaptable for others. While it is currently in the development stage, I have tested it on both Chromebooks and BYOD smartphones with classes of 30 students to prove feasibility. When finished I expect to be able to use it for 3d VR such as Google Cardboard or on Chromebook screens in either single participant or multiple classroom situations.

  • Education
    • Sam Houston State University
    • Lamar University