Briana Danielle Monasky

Los Angeles, CA

Briana Danielle Monasky, or Bean, as her family calls her, is a self-described struggling writer. The baby of the family, Bean grew up in Sacramento, California where she ran amok with her sisters and brother. She credits her Mama and Papa, Nancy and Mike, with forcing her to listen to the Beatles and Bob Dylan, thus developing good taste early on, her sister Natalie with increasing her wardrobe options as she stole her t-shirts and stretched them out with her baby fat. (She has since gotten that "baby fat" thing under control utilizing dessert moderation and 5-lb hand weights.) Props go to comedienne Kelly for sneaking her into comedy clubs so Bean had the best stories in Monday's homeroom. Her crazy motorcycle riding brother Aaron taught her about Radiohead and Wu Tang Clan.

Bean stayed in Sacramento waiting tables through college, taking quick breaks to explore the east coast, including brief stints in South Portland, Maine and Brooklyn, New York by way of Kelly's guest bedroom, sharing her childhood bunk bed with her nephew Aiden.

She currently lives in Los Angeles with her lifelong love Jeffrey, a comedian and writer, where she writes and bakes often in between planning their July 2015 wedding.

You can follow Briana on Twitter @thebestbriana. Do it now or you're a dumdum.

  • Education
    • Sacramento State University, Sacramento