Briana Renea

Briana Renea

Born in Oregon and raised in the small town of Canby Briana Renea grew up on a farm with her twin brother. At the age of five she began showing Pygmy Goats and when she turned ten began raising show cattle to sell at the county fair. On her ninth birthday her parents bought her first horse. When she was a junior in high school she bought her newest horse, Raider, who has taken her through many competitions and brought her many awards.

Briana competed in many circuits over the years, starting with 4-H. From the day she was old enough to show Briana was out in the ring either with cattle, horses, or goats. The older she got the more unstoppable she became. Showing became her love and life. As she moved to high school she began competing in more circuits such as Oregon High School Equestrian Team (OHSET), Future Farmers of America (FFA), Cascade Team Penning Association (CTPA), Willamette Valley Team Penning Association (WVTPA), Oregon Quarter Horse Association (OQHA), and Western States Stock Horse (WSSH). Briana’s involvement with horses and cattle only became stronger as she got older. When she bought her newest horse her involvement in the horse world doubled. She began competing almost every weekend either at a team penning show or at an open show. Her life became one competition after the next, but she never lost her interest in music.

When asked why she loves country music and chose to sing country her response was simple: Country music speaks to many listeners through the heart. Songs about real life, along with the ups and downs everyone faces at some point or another. Just as individuals can relate to quotes that they feel are a description of themselves, people do the same with their music.

People often relate songs to a person, particular event, or just a happy time in their lives. They can relay personal thoughts and feelings about people and places, after all can't you think of at least one song that describes a relationship in your life? Do you and your significant other have a particular song that is your song? That’s why she sings and that’s why she sings country music, it speaks to you in a unique way.

Briana’s life has always been about horses and cattle but her love for singing and performing has always been in her blood. She grew up listening to classical rock and country, always fighting with her brother to allow her to change the channel to country. Growing up on rock and country greatly