Brian Alfaro

A multifaceted entrepreneur and oil professional, Brian Alfaro laid the foundation for a diverse career with an extensive higher education. Brian Alfaro commands a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and English from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, as well as a Master’s degree in Communications from the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio. Today, Brian Alfaro sits at the helm of Alfaro Oil and Gas, LLC, a venture he established in 2006. Utilizing modern resources to foster success, Brian Alfaro’s company employs imaging technology that facilitates more effective drilling and employs a knowledgeable team of geologists. Drawing from many years of experience, the staff translates education in hydrocarbons into lucrative prospects for Alfaro Oil and Gas’s numerous investors. Alfaro Oil and Gas’s leadership integrates a scientific technique with an eye for finances and considers the risks associated with each drilling procedure. As the head of the business, Brian Alfaro maintains close communications with a diverse group of investors, negotiates lease acquisitions, and pursues new drilling opportunities. During the past six years, Brian Alfaro championed activity in hundreds of wells that ultimately yielded upwards of 5 million cubic feet in natural gas. Skilled at facilitating growth and maintaining valuable connections, Brian Alfaro strives to keep Alfaro Oil and Gas involved in the industry through collaborations and professional groups. Presently, Alfaro Oil and Gas teams up with Blue Moon Exploration, U.S. Enercorp, Riviera Production, Southern Bay Energy, Encon Services, and others. Outside of his role as the leader of the innovative oil group, Brian Alfaro enjoys family life. Committed to translating his success to the healthy, happy futures of others, Brian Alfaro supports several charities, including The Miracle League and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.