Brian Arsenault

Born, raised, and still residing in central Massachusetts, I consider myself a lifelong New Englander. While I wear many hats, the two that come first are husband and father. Following that, my day job is as a manager of a design engineering team at a Fortune 500 computer company. Outside of work and family, I enjoy spending time outdoors, designing and building electronic projects, and growing as a photographer.

My photographic interests are fairly broad, but I continue to branch out and explore new creative methods. Over the past 10 years, my primary focus has been on landscape and lifestyle photography, but I have recently started to work on commercial, architectural, and portrait photography. And while all these 'subjects' keep me busy, I also try to find time to learn how to use the various software tools that are available to their fullest extent. I have a list of other areas that I want to dive into, but there is only so much time, and one has to balance priorities.

Thanks for checking out my info, and feel free to interact with me through the various social media channels.