cool story, bro.

cool story, bro.

i am briana tyra rene, & welcome to my page. basically if you wanna be my stalker, you've come to the right place. ;)

like i said, my name is briana. but everytime i meet someone, i tell them my name is bri so i guess thats what i prefer. :c

i seem to have this obsession with people... who i dont know.

... if that makes sense.

i guess that means i prefer to know the people that i havent met yet.

.... again, if that even makes sense.

it basically means i like meeting new people.

music is my love.

i have this obsession with hardcore music.

when people see im listening to it, they are like, wow.

i guess they figure i'm the kind of girl who listens to NevershotNever constantly.

oh wait, i am.

but hey, thats contradictions for ya. ^_<3

i kinda like acting silly.

i don"t act my age.

its a passion, br0.

i have a blog, where i express my feelings for the people i hate.

oh, and other stuff.

i think i have this weird love for food....?

it kinda awkward because i have this metabolism thing, & yeah its shit.

i tend to stay at like, 95 pounds and i dont think i've gone past 99 pounds since the 5th grade.

oh, i'm in 9th grade, by the way.

some of my friends tell me how they love that i just dont care :c.

i think thats partially true.

my grades, i kinda care about.

my parents are satisfied with me getting B+'s but nothing below.

so that pretty much what i aim for, a b+.

but i know i can do better, at least.

i just.. dont.

people also like my no-need-for-a-relationship attitude.

and that is also true.

i mean, of course it'd be nice to be in one,

i am still a teenager in highschool,

but i deffinately dont obsess over it like the other teenageeeers.

& i am so glad i dont.

one day i want to do something that helps other people.

i seem to have this fasination with teens and how they think.

i say that in the most uncreepy way.

i blog about my friends and such and i guess thats what i mean.

i want to be a medical doctor, someday.

or a high school teacher.

that is totally odd to want to be a teacher, but i don't know i think it sounds cool. :D

well, i might add more stuff later.

prob. not.


byeeeeeee. :)