Brian Bartolec

Director in Naples, Florida

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Brian Bartolec has been a long-time golf fan. He has used this passion to form a successful career managing golf and country clubs, each with an impressive amount of members. Brian currently resides in Naples, Florida, and spends each day overseeing the amenities and courses at Shadow Wood Country Club. Year after year, Shadow Wood’s membership grows and that is a direct testament to their Chief Operating Officer, Brian Bartolec. One of his greatest accomplishments to date is leading the club through the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Brian led Shadow Wood Country Club with poise and dignity in the face of financial uncertainty, and the club is doing better than ever because of his team’s leadership.

When he is not working, you can find him spending time with family and friends and teaching golf skills to others. Brian’s father and grandfather both pursued golf professionally, which sparked a love for the sport during his early years. His father spent two years on the Champions Tour, and his grandfather played on the PGA and Champions Tours.

Brian understands the significance that sports like Golf and Tennis can play in a community. Games are an important way to connect whether it's with goofing around with age old pals, or forging new bonds over shared interests with people you've only just met. Golf in particular is significant to both the leisure and business world. Understanding all of this, Brian Bartolec works his hardest to maintain a professional atmosphere whenever he's around the club.

While Brian does not participate in many professional tournaments, he still makes time to play one or two times a month. Learn more at!