Brian Beamish

First and foremost I am a dad to my beautiful son Liam. He battles ASD so life is challenging. We are in the process of a dramatic and sad transition in our lives (almost four years now....jojo we miss and love you). I am confident that through lovingly pressing forward we will get through this. It has been a long road and it will continue to be so for a little longer yet....
They say when god closes a door he often opens a window. To that end, I feel as though we have been blessed in that Liam is being well looked after and I have been given the opportunity to explore two previously impossible aspirations - to finally become the traders I have always aspired to be and to be able to reconnect with the tennis world.
I have worked diligently at both.
Firstly, I run a financial/trading related website ( where I get to both trade and teach others how to do so professionally. You just have to be a trader to understand how it gets into your blood. It's there, it is who I am - please Lord let me for once live up to my potential. I have always had the skill of knowing what to buy and when to buy it, the problem for me my whole life has been execution. My mistakes are what is holding me back and nothing more. Learning to trade professionally has been more of a journey of self discovery (openly admitting to your wrongs) then it has about being able to pick stocks. The only draw back (if there is one) is that my day starts at about 4:30AM pst....yuck!
Secondly, I have been blessed with some skill at teaching and a half decent ground stroke. As a result, I have been able to find work within the tennis world here in the lower mainland of BC. I now teach tennis 'professionally' for several municipal programs as well as privately. I am very pleased with the response I get from students of all ages and I really feel like I am giving back to the community. Since I have over 10 years experience working directly with special needs children, parents are often surprised at my patients and understanding. Really, I find working with any age group / skill level to be both fun and a mutually rewarding experience.
I have big dreams for Liam and I. Yes, it has been a very tough road and it continues to be. But, I am confident that through a positive attitude, a solid moral compass and dogged persistence anyone can overcome almost any obstacle.
Wish us luck :o)