Brian Beehler

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I’m a communications/strategist professional with 15 years of experience in the private and public sector. I've developed a comprehensive frame work for corporations to build strategies that involve Social Media. It enables corporation to build a plan that breaks down the barriers between employees, stakeholders, and consumers.

I've also created a social media service called Brand Listeners. The service uses state of the art mining and reporting generation tools to mine data from social media (Facebook, local platforms, twitter, websites, blogs), analyze and cull out relevant information and present to clients key trends around their brand or industry. We also produce reports periodically that reflect on social media trends and approaches to building corporate brand. Our services include: corporate communication events monitoring, summary reports, reputation alerts image, video analysis, Facebook & Twitter top story identification, topic seismograph, and daily volume & social media source distribution.

Specialties Social media analysis, strategy, digital communications, graphic design, programming, public speaking, training, mobile application development, Agile, Executive leadership, online marketing, and creative content development.

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