Brian Scott Bentley

Father, Realtor, and Small Business Owner in Spartanburg, South Carolina

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Who am I?

I am first and foremost a son of the Most High Living God, who is revealed perfectly in the historical true person Jesus Christ. It is by grace alone I was rescued, redeemed and adopted into the family of God. I am second a husband to my beautiful wife Tina. We have been married since 2000. And third, I am a dad to Zachary and Anna Grace. They are better at being my wife and children than I am a husband and father, so I am truly blessed beyond measure.

I love the Gospel! I believe Jesus Christ is to be supremely treasured above all things. I love thinking deeply about God and being part of the local church. And, I’m a Christian Hedonist.

What else about me? I’m a nerd who loves fitness. I spend about 4 to 5 days a week training to have a healthy life. I love all things about technology. I am a dreamer and visionary. I manage a small business. Our largest client is the government (Veterans Administration). I like my blue jeans and boots. I have a sweet tooth. I prefer my coffee black. I have over 1000 skydives. I have snow skied all over the Rocky Mountains. I have the tendency to talk too much, but I am working on being a better listener.

The last thing I think worth mentioning is that I want to leverage my life to glorify God in all I do. I want to pursue joy while helping others for their good, for my brothers and sisters joy, and ultimately for His Name sake. I believe I am not only created by God, but I am also to glorify God with my life by making Him known. And to that end is why I have created this page. I am not really that interesting. It’s not really about me, but about Jesus Christ who is infinitely and gloriously magnificent.

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