Brian Blomgren

Network Engineer in the United States

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I am a collector of hobbies, talents, and specialties so varied as to make business cards rather useless. I currently earn my living as a voice telecommunications engineer specializing in Cisco and Avaya systems (primarily large scale, complex Cisco contact center deployments), but I am also many other things. I am a Search & Rescue professional, a lighting (and theatre lighting) enthusiast, an emergency manager, a photographer specializing in candid and wildlife photography (the photo on the business card that likely lead you here was taken by me) and... let's be honest... I'm a geek.

In addition to those things, I own a historic home which I am restoring and landscaping. When I'm not insanely busy with those projects, I enjoy maintaining an active social life, bicycling, and reading more than is probably healthy. I am an avid consumer technology and new media geek, as well as a collector of information who really never tires of learning. I love nothing more than to search the furthest corners of the internet and find places that introduce me to new ideas or new ways of sharing and spreading thoughts.

Someday I will figure out what my passion is, but at the moment I like to say that my passion is having passions.