Brian Blum

Jerusalem, Israel

I write for an eclectic mix of newspapers, online publications, universities, non-profit organizations, public corporations and blogs. I bring a journalistic sensibility to all my writing. Even if it's an article about a particular event an organization or company has put on, it will read like a piece that could be in the newspaper - with a beginning, middle and end, analysis and one-on-one interviews.

My writing is not web copy, marketing material or standard press releases, but rather real articles that help companies and organizations build their brand or increase their fundraising activities by creating and maintaining their own online content repository.

When an organization has something it wants to say, it can’t always wait for its PR people to try to spin it, and then hope that the press gets it right. The content I create enables organizations to become their own proactive publishers, and to take total control over their messaging and brand.

Indeed, as Google increasingly looks at quality and frequency of content, not SEO tricks, to determine page ranking, these types of articles help bring out the essence of a company's products, or the people, professors and students behind them, in a way that readers from all backgrounds can easily understand.

My hi-tech articles are informed by the many years I spent working as an entrepreneur. I also write and produce audio & video shorts and I've recently edited two books of non-fiction.

My clients include Israel21c, Shavei Israel, Teva, AIM Group, Bar-Ilan University, Hebrew University, the Jerusalem College of Technology, The Gift of Life, Israelity, as well as traditional newspapers (The Jerusalem Post,

  • Work
    • President, Blum Interactive Media, Ltd.
  • Education
    • B.A. Creative Writing, Oberlin College, 1983
    • M.A. Instructional Technology, San Jose State University, 1991