Brian Brawdy

Consultant in Chicago, Illinois

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Reviving Super Humans (Homo INgenious)

Hi, I'm Brian Brawdy, a former undercover Crime Scene Investigator turned philosopher. Gave back the badge, kept the gun.

Featured in TV appearances for Good Morning America, The Early Show, CNN, FOX, WGN, MSNBC, National Geographic, HBO and highlighted in a 1000+ local broadcast segments like KTLA in Los Angeles, KSLTV in Salt Lake City, Fox 31 in Denver, KDSW in Dallas/Fort Worth, Pittsburgh's KDKA, WNBC in The Big Apple, CBS Miami, I've been spreading the message of personal emergence through exploration, adventure, and the open road mindset for 30 years now.

Growing tired watching people struggle inauthentically thru life wrapped in their watered-down, lesser version, I Created Reviving SuperHumans Method. "Optimize Your Mind" and unleash your All Natural Being.

Your DNA makes you unfathomably unique. When will you decide to act like it? It's time to BYOB. Bring Your Own Bold! The Universe is counting on it!

Full Moon photo by Michael Mauro

  • Education
    • 30 Yrs investigating the rise of Human Apathy & Mental Atrophy