Brian Briskey

Austin, TX

Welcome Friend,

I am very passionate about the world of big data and how predictive social analytics are solving mysteries around the intersection of fandom, social influencers, and brand ambassadors.

The world is just now starting to become aware of the power a fandom has when observed via communities of gamers, million dollar crowdfunding campaigns, and political movements.

I believe all these social phenomena are the result of similar forces in nature and I hope you'll join me in exploring the ways patronage (perpetual crowdfunding), celebrity, and social change can be systematically grown using predictive social analytics.

My history includes leadership and management roles for Psychological Operations with U.S. Army Special Forces, online fundraising campaigns for filmmakers, and community building for Youtubers. I believe a brand's value is best measured by the size, engagement, and influence of its audience. My ongoing mission is to harvest value from online audiences by:

+Mapping social networks and their key influencers
+Tracking and Aggregating audience metrics
+Hypothesizing and testing insights from sets of big data
+Testing conversion rates and other key performance indicators
+Managing campaigns to grow, curate, and monetize audiences

My adventures overseas include tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, Cyprus, and Honduras with notable honors and awards including the Volunteer Service Medal for work with orphanages in Central America. I am inspired by stories about the human condition and the missions to help people overcome difficulty.

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  • Work
  • Education
    • US DOD Defense Information School
    • BS Communications, Thomas Edison State College