Brian Brodeur

Pop culture fanatic and technology enthusiast who is in touch with current trends and the world in which we live.

By day I am a Business Analyst developing and supporting Oracle applications at the largest stevedore company in North America. I have supported and educated end users from the bottom of the company to the top and continually advise on new functionality and technology adapting to ever changing business processes and best practices. I am a "go to" person in my company and historically have let my actions and performance speak for themselves while I build my skills and integrity.

By night I am a web strategist introducing companies both big and small to the web of today through strategic planning, solid web design and social media strategies. I advise on the importance of interactions and engagements with your customers while shying away from cookie cutter solutions not tailored to a specific audience. I take pride in my work and build long lasting relationships over generating a quick buck.