Shanon Gordon

One of the most evocative areas of the Brian Buckley Band could be the unique, distinct voice of Brian Buckley.

Brian’s voice has an endearing tone that can croon with this kind of pleasant soulfulness as he shifts from tender songs to up-tempo guitar jams. The four-piece ensemble boasts rich arrangements which are sweet and cohesive, but have the capacity to quickly transition into a faster sound that is both melodic and intricate.

The Brian Buckley Band aren't quite folk, they are not exactly rock and they are not exactly soul--they're a rad fusion of a variety of genres, experimental in their own nature, but exuding a powerful sound and stage presence distinctive to their particular so check out bands Twitter account.

As well as, their concert is insanely great--full of improvisation and heavey guitar riffs that reveal your their experimental side.

Viewing the Brian Buckley Band live is a bit like being invited to a party at somebody's home.

It's a comfortable setting, friendly; people call out for the band and are answered. After which the audio starts. Suddenly, it's a crazy tornado of all the things which are brilliant about music: amazing skill, words that hit the heart, melodies that assemble a small place near your soul and settle down.