Brian Burn

Between mountains and oceans , the "City of Angels" is found. Seemingly always awake, and never closing an eye for a single moments worth, Los Angeles bustles with life throughout every aspect of it's scene, and of course, doesn't sell itself short with it's well-cultured musical spectrum, from a to z, and everywhere in-between. But alas, at a time when artists seem to overlap, and one movement is captivating the musical airwaves, we find Brian Burn - a solo artist breaking the mold, and reinventing the music gracing the ears of his city. Starting a musical revolution of sorts, Brian Burn takes indie-rock to a whole new level. Compelling musical twists and turns, and insightful lyrics take listeners on a journey that's clearly off the map. Drawing his raw, creative passions from the likes of the ever-popular Beatles, Conor Oberst, Elliot Smith and Marilyn Manson, Burn presents us with a medley of sound not previously orchestrated in Los Angeles, let alone, anywhere else. Having worked with highly-sought producer Muddy Dutton on his EP release "Heart is a Ghost Town" and Grammy award-winning and nominated musicians Don Peake, Freddy Washington, James Gadson and Magic Kramer, it's evident that not only is Burn' music original, it's thriving with high-quality and noteworthy musicianship, as well. With Los Angeles under the spell of his timeless music, it's only a matter of time before Brian Burn is captivating the world.