Brian Carden

Insurance Advisor in Nashville, Tennessee

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Brian is a 30 year vet of an ever changing insurance and financial services industry. You think about it...he's probably experienced it.

He's lived through natural disasters, such as the Nashville flood of 2010...he's seen friends lose everything they owned...he's watched friends die way before their time with virtually no planning in place...he's lived through the loss of an entire family of very close relatives dying simultaneously in a private plane crash...he's witnessed his family get sued over a freak accident at a neighborhood July 4th event...and he's walked from a head on collision where the adjuster questioned why he was even above the dirt...much less back at work in two days.

Starting in 1983 by way of a recruiter's flyer on the apartment door, Brian's new job slowly led to an occupation...over the years...through bull and bear markets, and a lot of insurance companies coming and going, he realized at the 20 year mark that his career was becoming a calling. A calling to help people with the emotional issues surrounding their personal financial decisions. His Dad, Gene, who is alive and well at 87 said it best when he said "Brian, I never worked a day in my life...I just got up in the morning and helped people."...and that's his mantra...just help them dispel the myths surrounding "all things insurance".

Where many agents represent the name on the door, through ELITE INSURANCE SOLUTIONS, he represents the industry for YOU! Whoever you are, whatever you do, whatever you own...he can help you!

He writes a regular blog on insurance, family, stuff, and just things "that make him go HMMM..."

He has been published in the Nashville Business Journal, Denver Business Journal, Boston Business Journal, Financial Advisor Magazine, and locally, the Williamson Herald. He also writes regularly for a national online publication exclusively for financial advisors,