Brian Castro

West Chester, PA

I am a 28 year old Marketing Expert. I have real estate and commercial business marketing experience. I pride myself on being in the "technological" know...SEO, SEO, SEO... I cannot say it enough, if you do not know about SEO, ask me. I am also excellent in the writing department providing well-written content implementing the lost art of grammar. I provide excellent graphic design elements used for anything from web design to print marketing materials, etc. I do need to mention that I have a killer eye for photography, professional photography has become a passion among occupation. Professionally, I also like to emphasize quality when it comes customer service. I think proper service helps me package everything else as a premium.

Outside of my career, I'm into a little bit of everything! I enjoy eating, I have actually recently gained a newfound love of asian cuisine and am getting darn good with a pair of chopsticks. I try to workout as often as possible, I don't plan on letting age get the best of me. I have a culturally shocking taste in music, depends on my mood and/or situation what I will be listening to, techno, jazz, rock, country, classical, etc. I hate to miss things, this trait has lead to many fun and interesting experiences in my life, many of which contribute to my professional inspiration. In a nutshell, I cannot get enough.

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