Brian Cha

Motivational Speaker in China

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Brian Cha is a Success Strategist and Motivator, who has students in more than ten countries and has contacted millions of individuals. He inspires individuals and corporate to achieve their concealed potentials. He is an Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, 3 x World Records Holder and Author the system instructed by Brian allows accomplishing six-figure salary in a short timeframe.

Through a successful check, the system can be successfully copied to inspire friends from all walks of life and industries. Jump forward the show, establish boundless pay, and accomplish an unrestricted life! Brian's mission is to bring "making one's very own destiny with two hands" to the world. He teaches creative showcasing models and the most earth shattering ideas.

He specializes in helping business owners, sales bunch leaders and mentors to empower them to break out, set up a market restraining infrastructure strategy and viable working system, and construct whole deal and winning first-class teams, make leaders, and help numerous corporate teams improve their gainfulness. With his certainty, he was also conceded the sales planning instructor of the 2019 DSA Award "Outstanding Salesman Award" by the Hong Kong Management Industry Association.