Brian Davenport

Teacher in Cupertino, California

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Hey, I’m Brian. I’m a teacher in Cupertino, California. I am currently working on building more digital tools to use in my classroom. While I strongly support teaching kids to use online tools to maximize their learning, I do not go for the gimmicking things (sorry, no talking llama oral reports!). Instead I work on helping kids use digital tools as a tool to help them work smarter but still work on their basics like reading and writing, oral reports with powerful slideshows (instead of silly animations for the sake of animations), and having a reason for using their digital choices.

Working in the digital world is an essential tool for students to learn as it will be a part of their lives, but it still is only a tool and only as strong as the learning behind it! Yet it is also important to be aware of the dangers of the digital world, that being careless will leave you vulnerable to attack and that things you post today will be there, forever. Whether it is the risqué picture you texted your high school sweetheart, or the Facebook post in which you trash talked about your boss, or your credit card and personal information, it is all there waiting for someone to find and use.

This doesn’t mean you don’t have a digital presence, you can’t avoid it, it is part of our world, but it does mean you need to be careful and not just sign up for everything out there. For teachers it means we need to be judicious in what apps and programs we have students use as even our assignments will probably add to our student’s digital footprint.