Brian DeMarco NFL

Brian DeMarco, an offensive player for the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Cincinnati Bengals, played 78 games in his National Football League career before retiring due to injuries. Six feet, seven inches and 323 pounds in his NFL prime, Brian DeMarco participated in six playoff games.

Brian DeMarco attended Michigan State University from 1990 to 1994. An offensive tackle and four-year starter for the Spartans, he also lettered in all four years. Named to the All-Big Ten First Team Offense, he played in the Senior Bowl and the all-star Blue-Gray Football Classic. The Jaguars chose DeMarco in the second round of the 1995 draft, making him the 40th pick overall.

In his rookie season, Brian DeMarco started at right tackle. The team moved him in his second year to right guard, the position he would play for the remainder of his career in the National Football League. During pass plays, his job was to protect the quarterback from players on the incoming defensive line. For running plays, he ran in front of the running back and tried to create openings by blocking. An unrestricted free agent after the 1998 season, Brian DeMarco had completed four seasons with the Jaguars when Cincinnati signed him to a three-year contract.

Starting again at right guard for the Bengals, DeMarco finished only one season, 1999-2000, before deciding to retire at the age of 28 because of multiple injuries. With multiple spinal fractures, nerve damage, and shattered elbows, Brian DeMarco retained only limited physical mobility and needed extensive physical rehabilitation.

Today, he enjoys spending time with his wife and children. Active in his Texas church, Brian DeMarco teaches Sunday School classes.