Brian Dooley CPA

Silverado, CA

With more than three decades of experience in the field of accounting, Brian Dooley, CPA is the Founder of International Tax Counselors, a company that supplies families and businesses with individualized international, cross-border tax plans. In conjunction with his work at the company, Brian Dooley regularly serves as an expert witness in cases involving international taxation. Having worked closely with a range of government entities, he aims to utilize the knowledge that he gained from these experiences to create innovative cross-border tax plans for his clients.

Brian Dooley, CPA has supplied expert opinions for the IRS, the United States Department of Treasury, and United States Congress. In 1979, he was called as an expert witness for the first time, and he met with the Congressional committee, the United States House Ways and Means. He provided his expert opinion regarding Foreign Investors Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA).

In 1992, the IRS summoned him as an expert witness in the Condor International, Inc. vs. Comm'r hearing, which was held in United States Tax Court.

More recently, Brian Dooley spoke on the subject of regulations on private annuities at the Department of Treasury in 2007.

Through these experiences, Brian Dooley formed the judgment that the United States government offers tax efficient structures that can be applied to every business situation. At International Tax Counselors, Mr. Dooley aims to work with the government, and he only creates tax plans for his clients that come with an IRS tax guarantee, which involves a private ruling between his clients and the IRS.

In addition, through his efforts at International Tax Counselors, he furnishes a handpicked team of attorneys and certified public accountants to settle his clients' international cross-border tax affairs.

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    • International Tax Counselors
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    • University of Southern California