Brian Elgart

Brooklyn, NY

Brian Elgart is a self-employed accountant, property manager, and provider of insurance services. He has been working for himself since 1979 in his home borough of Brooklyn in New York City. Brian Elgart pursued a higher education at Brooklyn College, one of the schools of the famed City University of New York. He graduated from Brooklyn College with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Education in 1972.

As a general services accountant, Brian Elgart performs a wide variety of tasks and duties for his clients. He provides them with expert advice on taxes and tax-related issues, helps them prepare financial statements, and also performs tasks that involve forensic accounting. Furthermore, he provides investment services to his clients to help them increase their assets. In this capacity, his estate planning, financial planning, and financial analysis skills stand him in good stead.

In addition to his work as an accountant and financial planner, Brian Elgart manages property in his home borough, and offers insurance services to interested parties. As a result of his range of professional qualifications, he has been able to thrive financially for over thirty years.

When he is not managing his clients' assets, advising them on various tax and paperwork issues, providing insurance services, or seeing to his duties as a property manager, Elgart devotes his time to the organization of youth activities at a parish church near his home. He can often also be found enjoying artifacts of yesteryear as he is an avid hobbyist who appreciates antique hardware and antique automobiles.

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