Brian Deese

Oak Bluffs Massachusetts

I have been on a journey for the last 3.5 years trying to discover who the real Benjamin Banneker is: What I BELIEVE about Benjamin Banneker; a sort of white European from MARTHA'S VINEYARD! 1. BANNAKER as his name appears on his almanac in Dogon: Banna- Measurer K-Ka E- Energy R- radius 2. No white man taught these people anything ! 3. Banna-Ka- Measurer of Ka in Dogon! 4. The most important function of mathematics is to measure! 5. These two men in the Dogon culture were the last two measurers of these two important qualities of the Soul! 6. You don't teach that your born with it: it's in your DNA!

  • Work
    • Parker Startup LLC
  • Education
    • Martha's Vineyard Regional High School
    • Bentley University