Brian Ward

Washington, DC

Full-time writer/Part-time superhero, Brian spends his time peering into worlds where costumed crime fighters do battle and jotting down their exploits.

More often than not, these tales follow queer and minority characters fighting for their place in a world that doesn't want them. He tackles issues of sexism, bodily autonomy, and colorism through thinly veiled metaphors and overt references.

When not playing Oracle for spandex-clad vigilantes, Brian spends his time marathoning cooking shows, dreaming up Sailor Moon-esque transformation scenes for his characters, and patiently awaiting query replies for his first manuscript.

The Super Novas, his first complete manuscript, follows the story of a disgraced super heroine trying to piece together her shattered life in the face of an impending demonic apocalypse. It features a three person rotating POV and it packs a whallop.

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