Brian Gresh

Ellington CT

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At the age of 30, I thought my life was successful. I owned a thriving pharmacy, got married, and started a family. As time went on I found myself working long hours, with little time left for my wife and 3 young children. I began to question my definition of success. As fate would have it, a colleague introduced me to a new concept in business, which leverages multi-billion dollar markets, the internet, and the power of people. It changed my perspective on success. I enjoy sharing this information with others, never knowing whom it may benefit. Today, I define success as having the time and resources to do what, when, and with whom I want. I am full of gratitute for those who succeeded before me and continue to raise the bar of success. I have nearly completed my web site, and am starting a new venture writing a wellness blog. Please stop by my site at and give me feedback. Any help in getting my message out to more people is greatly appreciated!