Brian Habinski

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I was born and raised in Mississauga (about 30 minutes outside of Toronto). I went to Tecumseh Public School until I was 12 years old. It was then that I moved to Ottawa because my Father was transferred for work. I have lived here ever since. After moving here I realized I like it in Ottawa much better, it is cleaner, people are more friendly and the traffic isnt nearly as bad!

I attended All Saints Catholic High school from grade 7 to 12 and graduated in 2009, from there I started to attend Algonquin College, i'm currently in my third year working towards my major in International Business. I plan to eventually own my own business or possibly work internationally for Pepsico Foods

I obtained my job with Frito-Lay Canada last year through a sales representative at my old job (worked at Loblaws as a grocery clerk). I was hired with Frito-Lay as a summer student sales representative. My basic job description is going to stores, filling shelves with my companies product and ordering to maintain the shelf stock. The job is salary and commission based and its the best summer job I have ever had. You can make very good money if you are willing to work for it.

A few things about me personally: I really enjoy playing video games, as well as making videos and editing. Ive played a variety of games but prefer shooters and racing/action games. I am a PC gamer and will always be (PC master race). I listen to most types of music, but I prefer metal, hardcore and alternative/alternative hardcore. Lastly, I also have a real passion for cars, if I wasn't at school for business id be training to be come a mechanic.

  • Work
    • Frito Lay Canada (Pepsico Foods)
  • Education
    • Tecumseh Public School
    • W.Erskine Johnston Public School
    • All Saints Catholic High School
    • Algonquin College (in 3rd and final year)